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Stephen Mack & Hannah Saunders Covey family

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Irene, Stephen, Grandy, Helen Jean, John, Marilyn

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Grandy, Marilyn, Helen Jean, Irene

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Papa & Grandy

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Stephen Mack Covey, 4th from the right

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John, Helen Jean, Irene, Stephen

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Stephen L with his boys

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Family photo at Grandy & Papa's house

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Snake River cabin

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Stephen Longstroth Richards and Grandy in the dining room at the canyon cabin

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Christmas, approximately 1912

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Believed to be Mark & Susannah Ogden Bigler

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George Albert & Bathsheba Bigler Smith

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L to R, Stephen Glenn Covey, Irene Louise Richards Covey, Stephen Mack Covey

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Enoch & Janett Carruth Young Covey

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Stephen L & Irene Smith Merrill Richards

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Demas Ashdown & Hannah Barwell Saunders

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Stephen Glenn Covey (2nd from right, back row) with siblings

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Covey Family Photo at Grandy's and Papa's

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L to R, John, Marilyn, Helen Jean, Irene, Stephen

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Stephen Mack & Hannah Ashdown Covey

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Benjamin Covey (1792-1868)










  1. Benjamin Covey
  2. Stephen Mack Covey
  3. Stephen Glenn Covey
  4. Marilyn Richards Covey 

Benjamin Covey (1792-1868) came to Utah in 1849 after having been jailed with Joseph Smith and others at Liberty Jail, Missouri. He married Almira Mack Covey (1805-1886), Sally Clark Covey (b. 1796), Diana Cole Covey (1819-1847), and Elizabeth Skinner Covey (b. 1796). The Mack family history dates back to the 1600s. Little is known of the other wives.

Birth 9 Mar 1792 Frederickstown (Carmel), Putnam, New York, USA
Baptized (LDS) 14 Nov 1830 [10]
Endowed (LDS) 23 Dec 1845 NAUVOO
Married Almira Mack (2nd wife) 23 Oct 1836 Kirtland, Lake, Ohio, USA
Residence 1846/1847 Winter Quarters Ward No. 01, Winter Quarters (Florence), Douglas, Nebraska, USA [11]
Buried Mar 1868 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Died 13 Mar 1868 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA