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Stephen Mack & Hannah Saunders Covey family

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Irene, Stephen, Grandy, Helen Jean, John, Marilyn

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Grandy, Marilyn, Helen Jean, Irene

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Papa & Grandy

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Stephen Mack Covey, 4th from the right

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John, Helen Jean, Irene, Stephen

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Stephen L with his boys

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Family photo at Grandy & Papa's house

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Snake River cabin

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Stephen Longstroth Richards and Grandy in the dining room at the canyon cabin

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Christmas, approximately 1912

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Believed to be Mark & Susannah Ogden Bigler

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George Albert & Bathsheba Bigler Smith

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L to R, Stephen Glenn Covey, Irene Louise Richards Covey, Stephen Mack Covey

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Enoch & Janett Carruth Young Covey

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Stephen L & Irene Smith Merrill Richards

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Demas Ashdown & Hannah Barwell Saunders

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Stephen Glenn Covey (2nd from right, back row) with siblings

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Covey Family Photo at Grandy's and Papa's

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L to R, John, Marilyn, Helen Jean, Irene, Stephen

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Stephen Mack & Hannah Ashdown Covey

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Stephen Glenn Covey (1897-1980) 82 yrs



  • Owner of Covey's Little America Hotels
  • Scholar, avid reader, researcher
  • Wrote book proposing LDS Visitor Center, some of his ideas were used in the SLC Visitor Center

BIRTH...Salt Lake City, Utah, July 29, 1897

Stephen Mack Covey, Hannah Ashdown Saunders


Irene Louise Richards, Feb 2, 1922 (2-2-22)


  1. Irene Louise Covey (Gaddis)
  2. Helen Jean Covey (Williams)
  3. Marilyn Richards Covey (Williams)
  4. Stephen Richards Covey
  5. John Mack Richards Covey

16 Feb 1980, BURIAL-Wasatch Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Stephen Glenn Covey
  2. Marilyn Richards Covey (Williams)


Stephen Glenn Covey, prior to his mission

Steve and Louise on their honeymoon to Chicago

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  1. I remember Papa (Stephen Glenn Covey) walking in a room where all the young cousins were playing, and saying, "Hi Boys," or "Hi Girls," even when there were both boys and girls in the room.. He never said, "Hi Boys and Girls." I thought that was so funny.


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