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Stephen Mack & Hannah Saunders Covey family

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Irene, Stephen, Grandy, Helen Jean, John, Marilyn

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Grandy, Marilyn, Helen Jean, Irene

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Papa & Grandy

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Stephen Mack Covey, 4th from the right

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John, Helen Jean, Irene, Stephen

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Stephen L with his boys

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Family photo at Grandy & Papa's house

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Snake River cabin

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Stephen Longstroth Richards and Grandy in the dining room at the canyon cabin

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Christmas, approximately 1912

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Believed to be Mark & Susannah Ogden Bigler

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George Albert & Bathsheba Bigler Smith

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L to R, Stephen Glenn Covey, Irene Louise Richards Covey, Stephen Mack Covey

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Enoch & Janett Carruth Young Covey

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Stephen L & Irene Smith Merrill Richards

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Demas Ashdown & Hannah Barwell Saunders

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Stephen Glenn Covey (2nd from right, back row) with siblings

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Covey Family Photo at Grandy's and Papa's

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L to R, John, Marilyn, Helen Jean, Irene, Stephen

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Stephen Mack & Hannah Ashdown Covey

Example Frame

Mark Bigler 1785-1839

Mark & Susannah Ogden Bigler, I'm not positive this photo is legit, but if it is, it's cool

Someone named Jen stumbled on The Dearies and commented on this photo.  It actually is Mark Bigler's daughter and her husband.  Rats.  Has anyone ever seen a photograph or daguerreotype of Mark and Susannah Ogden Bigler?  (I've been searching).










Born 19 May 1785 

Shinnston, Harrison, West Virginia
Parents Jacob Bigler and Hannah Booher (lots of variations on her surname)
Life Notes:  He was considered a 'southern' gentleman.  He owned a 300 acre plantation.  When Mormon missionaires visited, the entire family decided to be baptized.  One of the missionaries was George Albert Smith, his future son-in-law, who married his youngest daughter, Bathsheba two weeks after George returned from a second mission (England). 
Married Susannah Ogden 4 Nov 1805 Harrison County, West Virginia
Note:  her name is spelled Susanna in the record
Died 23 Sep 1839 Quincy, Adams, Illinois
Buried Madison Park Cemetery, Quincy, Adams, Illinois Lot 28 2nd Row


  1. This photograph is actually Agnes Matilda Bigler (Mark Bigler's daughter) and her husband John Martin. :)

  2. Thank you, Jen!!! How are you related?

  3. Jen is right. The photo is not Mark Bigler. KAW


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